A Scar Is Born
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This is the second release from CTM Entertainment's own A Beautiful Curse. While there's been a fairly large gap of time in between the debut release and this one, it has not gone to waste. In fact, "A Scar Is Born" was conceived and written during and after a year-long habitation in Kandahar, Afghanistan. This release is like a diary; from the departure from home, to the mental breakdowns and ultimate soul re-birth that led to the travel back home. Imagine yourself as the one being sent far from home for a long period of time and "A Scar Is Born" just might be your appropriate soundtrack. And musically, the vibes range as far as the personal experiences realized during that year. Stark front porch blues combines with some of ABC's most challenging electronic and reggae inspired grooves and just when the dreamworld may seem comfortable, guitars are elevated in triumphant declaration of a mission accomplished. "This is where mood and groove collide" has been an A Beautiful Curse mantra for quite some time, and now, "A Scar Is Born" ensures that ethos remains true.

"Pure ear porn, need I say more. It's an audio ecstasy leaving you wanting for more. Love it! A fantastic release, well worth adding to any collection."

DJ TAZ, IAAM RADIO (Oct 02, 2015)