A Scar Is Born
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This song has been in creation since the bombings in Paris last year. It initially was meant to be an homage to Bob Marley's song "War" where those lyrics came from a famous speech. For "Love", initially the lyrics were coming from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with the only singing being the chorus. While that was effective, it just felt "too heavy". So what we have now is a bit more accessible for everyone, no matter their native language. The song and the video are the demo versions with full production versions to come soon. In the meantime, if you'd like to own a copy of "Love", just click here.

"Pure ear porn, need I say more. It's an audio ecstasy leaving you wanting for more. Love it! A fantastic release, well worth adding to any collection."

DJ TAZ, IAAM RADIO (Oct 02, 2015)